GGGreen Antipollution & Recycler


Electronics Waste Recycling

We do computer/office equipments, electronic waste/products and any kind of reusable material recycling.Our clients and markets including

  • Factory, any kind of enterprise and organization electronic waste which including: circuit broad, electronic product parts, semi conductor old/second hand computers, scrap ink & laser cartridges and anykind of reusable material recycling.

  • Out-Dated Product/Stock: We collects all kinds of out-dated electronic/digital/computer products that in stock can't be sold.

  • Any types of prototypes, fault products that cannot pass QC test.

Data Destory

We are providing services which recycling the electronic wastes to usable items/materials to decrease the environment pollutions. For the clients that applying our services, professional staff will be sent to clients locations to arrange the events.

All data in storage media (e.g. hard disk, cell phone or any kinds of storage card/device) will be erased. We guarantee third parties are unable to recover the data by any methods which to protect our clients classified documents and any data have to be kept privacy. And all logos, texts printed on items we received will be destroyed, cleared to protect our clients image.

Collect Procedure

1.Contact our purchase department.
2.We will first annalist the items which our clients going to sell. And then we'll send quotation to clients
3.If clients agree to our terms for selling their items, we will order a staff to clients location to pick up the items.
4.Both client and service provider check all if they are agreed, then the procedure is finished after to manufactory break by crusher and recycle.


We provide data destroying, privacy/security processing to keep clients data can't be read by third parties. [Which including cell phone, memory card, hard disk and any other storage media]

All products or Scrap will be collected and send to our factory. All clients' logo, documents and anything related to clients will be destroyed, to ensure our processing won't affect clients company image/daily works.

we have been setting up 24 camera to obseve the workers and working porcessing.

Clients can also employ third party to monitoring the recycling/data security processing works (clients have to pay for any extra fee)


Over 30,000 square feet to store the goods, security monitor system required.

We can process 10 containers per day. Cracker, tools, workers, vehicle available.


Q: What will be done to all the received waste?
A: All the electronic waste will be classified into different groups, some of them will rebuild into usable equipments, computers, for those are unusable, they will be squished into raw material.

Q: How could you grantee clients data are totally erased and cannot be recover by third party?
A: We got professional technician and equipments to destroy all the data which to protect our clients

Q: How long will it last you to pickup the electronic waste from clients?
A: Depends on the quantity. Mostly takes 1 day. For some large firms will last around 2~3 days.