GGGreen Antipollution & Recycler



Surplus copper


Apparel, Clothes.

IC, Semi Conductor, Resistor..

Circuit board

Excess Stock

Copper Wire

Scarp Glass

Computer Accessories

Scarp inkjet

Scarp Metal

IC, Smei Conductor, resistor, LED, etc.

Acceptance of goods/triage
Quality assurance and transparency of material flow at our site begin with precise weight seizure upon entry of the goods

Big appliances are taken out of the Cracker machine, registered and weighed on weighbridges. The balances are connected with the IT system which guarantees registration of the material flow. Upon your demand, we are able to evaluate the entry of deliveries and according to your input sort out and weigh the material via an IT assisted platform and balance lines.
This procedure is to assure that the IT scrap sorting-out criteria are met.

Dismantling floor for manual disconnection of toxic wastes, the devices are loaded onto the conveyance belt and forwarded to the disassembly places. This applies mainly for screen appliances (televisions, computer monitors, flat screens) as well as for appliances carrying liquids.

Pre crushing

A rotating chain-driven mechanism smashes the appliances.
Steel in form of waves are no longer cut, but merely bent and taken off its anchorage. Batteries and condensates lose its adhesion at their clip or soldered points.
After removal the relatively small parts cannot absorb any energy and therefore leave the milling space almost intact. Large sheet metal components which do not fit through the outlet go through further processing until they are small enough.

Inkjet Cartridges (Scrap)

Main compositions of the ink box include the plastics , metal , surplus ink and sponge, among them the remaining ink is most difficult to collect , other is sponge body, Because deal with the cost very largely in environmental protection of abolishing the ink horn , resources are very low in rate of recovery , had better use and resolve automatically and mechanized in the course of designing and resolving , because the plastics only difficult to process and extremely a small amount of metal, there should certain quantity that can go on while resolving here. Abolishing the ink as resolve out the income is usually by the solvent, surface-active agent , PH regulate the pharmaceutical , urge doing pharmaceutical and other essential additive to make up , normally is water-soluble dyes pigment, PH regulate pharmaceutical for ammonia water , three first ammonia , three ethanol ammonia, sulphate. Can make its majority turn into the sediment with the chemical reaction according to compositions of the above, and then pass the black dreg of surplus that the ink sewage disposal system of the waste must come out and process into the solid state and treat the after treatment.

Apparels & Clothes

1.The workers has instruction guide and full experience. to clean and clear separate recyclable and non recyclable.
 2. Recyclable scrap material, such as cotton, polyester, plastic, etc. we will outsource to other manufactory to refine a raw material to recycle.
 3. Non recyclable material, such as leather, we will ship to landfill or incinerator.
 4. We are still try to find the solution can recycle the leather material, but now only can landfill or incinerator.
 5.After the scrap product cut it by shredder, the pieces of scrap apparel will ship to china manufactory to recycle material for  semi-product, but it outsources to another factory.
 6. Such as leather, after the scrap processed will send it to landfill in Hong Kong.
7. If Alexander Wang send the scrap apparel in China, after shredder we will send it to incinerator of the leather.
 8. Cotton, polyester, plastic can be recycled to semi-material,
 9. Cotton: it will be recycled to cotton material to make a finished Product, eg, Handkerchief
10. Polyester after melting in machine, it can be made a polyester line roll material
11. Plastic, most of type of plastic can be recycled, eg. PET,PVC, PV, etc. it will change to polyester material by machine now.